Team Building

Does your team need a boost?

Does your team recognise their combined strengths and utilise these to their potential?

Would you like to draw out the best of your team?

If you want to build a successful team and improve your team culture this workshop will inspire and create a great foundation to develop from.

We start the workshop by assessing your team’s individual personalities and interests using MBTI, the world’s most widely used personality assessment. MBTI is a positive and affirming personality indicator as no one personality type is deemed better than another.  It offers the perfect forum for co-workers to understand and appreciate each other’s strengths, no matter how different they are to their own.

What Does This Workshop Involve?

  • 4-8 hours (depending on the goals and needs of the team)

How will individuals benefit?

  • Enhanced self awareness and self confidence
  • Increased clarity regarding personal strengths and how to build on them
  • Enhanced motivation at work
  • Strategies on combining strengths to develop a more productive working relationship
  • Improved understanding of ‘where others are coming from’, resulting in better communication amongst team members
  • An appreciation for different work styles, facilitating improved collaboration and productivity

Take Away Materials

Each participant will receive a copy of their MBTI Report that includes their results and an outline of their individual:

  • work style
  • communication style
  • approach to problem-solving

Sample MBTI Team Report

Sample MBTI Work Style Report

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