Discover the unique you, creating purpose & opportunity!

Career Door is a professional and personal, career coaching and training organisation.

Career Door works with:

  • individuals who want to be certain about their “best fit” career
  • employees who want to increase their workplace performance
  • organisations who want to draw the best out of their employees
  • schools who want to provide career direction for their students

We are dedicated to:

  • empowering individuals, groups and teams to make confident career choices that set them up for a successful future;
  • providing clear personalised career paths, by assessing interests, values and personality (using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the world’s most widely-used personality assessment);
  • helping individuals understand their unique self, directing them to suitable work environments and industries that “best fit” them;
  • providing practical and action-oriented assistance that supports people transition towards their career goals and maximum job satisfaction.

Career Door is easy to use

  • For the individual we offer phone coaching so that you don’t even have to leave the house or alternatively we can meet you face to face in a location near you.
  • For the organisation we offer a number of different workshops based on your needs.

Making a career choice does not need to be difficult when you are certain of who you are and where you are going. 

At Career Door we help you to discover solutions and provide strategies for you to make a simple and confident transition into you future.

Why choose us?

We take the stress out of making a career choice, simplifying the process and empowering you to make confident decisions concerning your future.

We offer:

  • Qualified & experienced career coaches
  • Personalised coaching tailored to your specific needs
  • Up to date advice on the current market
  • Professional standards at affordable prices

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  • “I have a job that I really enjoy doing and work in a happy environment, attractting happier people into my life………I’m laughing all day long….!  Now I believe that life is beautiful and everything is possible.  I want to give you a big THANK YOU because you showed me the way to do it.”

    Sandra (Engineer)
  • “Marni’s coaching has had a profound effect in redirecting my life and in sharpening my vision for the future. When I met her I was a 46 years old single mother with very poor self image, little hope, no job or money and virtually without family other than my children. Marni helped me see howeverContinue Reading

    Sophie (return to work Mum & business owner)
  • “I have benefited hugely from your coaching expertise.  Your dedication and enthusiasm is contagious.  It is hard to truly express how amazing is the experience of self discovery.  Feeling very grateful so thanks again.”

    Neena (Property Developer)